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Advice that’s Aligned with Your Family Values

People who are passionate about what they do naturally gravitate toward those who share common ground on a fundamental level.

For us, our family wealth focus grew out of our tendency to surround ourselves with people who shared our core values – like family life, legacy, prosperity and true life happiness – and what’s developed over the last two decades is an extraordinary set of multigenerational family relationships and a specialized platform through which we can serve them with complete and pure objectivity.

“Wealth is personal – and family wealth is even more intertwined with your values and visceral emotions. We have the personal perspective that’s needed to understand your priorities fully, and we have the technical proficiency to support those priorities through family wealth strategy.”
Beau M. Barrett CFP®, CRPC®
Founding Partner

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“Value comes from the relationship; results come from expertise. We aim for both.”
Beau M. Barrett CFP®, CRPC®
Founding Partner