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Family Wealth Services

A Clear, Practiced Approach for Your Family Wealth

After decades of experience designing family wealth strategies, we’ve seen that the technical side of planning and managing wealth matters, but the scope and value of our client relationships is much deeper and more holistic.

It’s about tapping into our clients’ deepest emotions to determine how their assets should impact not only their own lives, but the lives of their children and grandchildren. And it’s about coordinating a comprehensive set of services to help our client families build lasting, multigenerational financial security.


Gaining Perspective on Your Estate and Legacy

For most individuals, long-term thinking is a few years down the road. For those with family wealth priorities, it’s a few generations down the road.

In order to meet the needs of multigenerational families, the scope of our guidance and strategy must be just as expansive as their long-term priorities, and over the years that’s the depth of service that we’ve worked to deliver.

Our comprehensive family estate and legacy services include:
  • Advanced insurance strategies to help secure family wealth tax-efficiently
  • Family wealth services and resources including cash management, bill paying and management of philanthropic giving
  • Specialized capabilities like tax and estate planning for foreign nationals, to help navigate the tax implications of worldwide assets
Our multigenerational and value-added services include:
  • Savvy Financial Boot Camps for children and grandchildren
  • Helping younger generations implement tax-efficient saving and investing strategies for the long term
  • Defining individual goals for extended family members to create and align your family’s legacy strategies
“We take a truly multigenerational approach, where we address the needs of parents, children and grandchildren. We work to define their own goals and integrating them into the larger family wealth picture, because we believe this is vital to building a lasting legacy.”
Beau M. Barrett CFP®, CRPC®
Founding Partner

Redefining What Matters to You

For our clients, retirement is more than just a shift from work to leisure, from growth to preservation, or from saving to spending. It’s a time in your life that’s defined by new priorities. We work with you to reframe your goals within new time frames and new considerations, and we clarify the financial implications of the various options in front of you.

We then identify personalized and creative ways to accommodate your needs, which leads us to a complex deployment of wealth that helps you capture tax and preservation opportunities while supporting important priorities throughout your retirement years.
Our retirement wealth services include:
  • Advanced retirement asset distribution planning that maps out how Traditional and Roth IRA assets will be distributed over long periods of time, while maximizing the compounding tax-advantaged power of those assets
  • Cash management tools that help you fund your future in exceptionally efficient and thoughtfully structured ways
  • Advanced retirement transitions, including transfers of closely held family business interests, and helping clients emotionally and financially prepare for diversifying events

Reliable investing is about focusing on what can be controlled.

For us, this means capturing the power of compounding tax-efficient growth, and eliminating the potential impact that needless risk can have on your family’s wealth.

Our capital engagement strategy uses a top-down approach. With an emphasis on asset allocation, we work to align your investment strategies with your goals for retirement, health, philanthropy, leisure and family life.
Our investment services include:
  • Strategies for diversifying concentrated equity positions in your portfolio or a concentration of wealth in a business or corporation
  • Specialized tools like tax-free exchange funds to help tax efficiently reduce risk
  • Exploring capital market opportunities through multi-source lending solutions
  • Cost-effective strategies such as indexed financial vehicles
  • Access to best-in-class technology to help optimize your efficiency in cash and asset management
“Our clients come from all across the country and have vastly different family dynamics, but they all share one key priority with one another and with us: family. Everything we do is in service of the values and goals that surround family wealth and long-term financial security.”
Martin W. Rice CFP®, CIMA®
Founding Partner